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pnlhub release notes

December 7, 2023

version 2.11
What's new:
  • Pricing page and Payments: as part of our continuous evolving, we introduce paid tariff plans. Based on your support we will provide new features and enhance quality of current ones. All the core logic remains free
  • PnL page: now you can observe more detailed statistic and indicators regarding your profits and losses
Bug fixes:
  • fixed issues with ByBit transactions indicating

November 26, 2023

version 2.10
What's new:
  • Overview page became faster. Now data are loaded on the page in few steps
Bug fixes:
  • fixed balance calculations for ByBit
  • notifications - critical bugs on UI and with message sending are fixed

October 20, 2023

version 2.9
What's new:
  • tables UX: now you can sort all the data in tables by any column - quickly, with high performance and pagination
  • Balance tracking page: added balances by assets
  • Balance tracking page: compound chart became more detailed
  • notifications: added new type of notifications - for whole portfolio
Bug fixes:
  • minor bugs with notifications sending

September 11, 2023

version 2.8
What's new:
  • Trades page: now you can download all markets at once for certain wallet
  • functionality for ByBit was implemented on Trades page
  • Overview page: now you can observe number of your orders and positions for each key right there
  • Overview page: added total balance by coins
  • charts were reworked - now they are more responsible and user friendly
  • registration and login process became more secured
Bug fixes:
  • fixed bugs with Overview command in Telegram bot
  • fixed errors with KuCoin API Keys on Balance tracking page

August 7, 2023

version 2.7
What's new:
  • meet new trading exchange! We added all the core functionality for API Keys from OKX platform
  • improved UX for those who use mobile view of the website
  • added ability to observe multiple markets at once on Trades page
Bug fixes:
  • fixed delta calculations on Overview page for BTC currency

June 27, 2023

version 2.6
What's new:
  • general key statistics now available on Trades, Orders, Positions and Transactions pages. It's located right under the main filter
Bug fixes:
  • fixed daily and weekly deltas on Overview page
  • minor UX improvements with passing between all pages in the application
  • fixed Transactions for Huobi and KuCoin trading platforms
  • fixed bug with login via email entrance

May 30, 2023

version 2.5
What's new:
  • Trades page was reworked - now it shows more actual information. Currently, it works only for Binance. Other exchanges will be added as soon as possible
Bug fixes:
  • fixed issue with not updating of margin data for Balance tracking page for Huobi

April 28, 2023

version 2.4
Bug fixes:
  • fixed issues with time display
  • general UX enhancements and minor interface bug fixes

April 2, 2023

version 2.3
What's new:
  • added switcher between USD and BTC currencies - now users can prefer how they would like to see their balance indicators through the application
  • compound chart lines: now you can observe total balance for several trading exchanges in one chart line on Balance tracking page
Bug fixes:
  • fixed filter functionality for Api Keys and separate assets on Balance tracking page

March 15, 2023

version 2.2
What's new:
  • Deposits and Withdrawals pages were united into Transactions page for convenience
Bug fixes:
  • chart lines on Balance tracking page became more informative in terms of their meaning

February 28, 2023

version 2.1
Meet completely new design! We reworked appearance of our application for your convenience. Now it's in dark style with more smooth and obvious user interface.
What's new:
  • some web-site functionality (e.g. balance info by each key) was extended to Telegram bot

January 26, 2023

version 1.3
What's new:
  • Orders, Positions, Deposits, Withdraws and Trade history pages for each API Key
  • new metrics on Overview page: daily balance delta and weekly balance delta
Bug fixes:
  • charts on Balance tracking page are optimized for large amount of data
  • improved performance of overview (My Keys) page

January 10, 2023

version 1.2
What's new:
  • Telegram and Email notifications
Bug fixes:
  • solved issues with Balance calculations
  • improved Balance tracking page: fixed page crashing in some cases

December 5, 2022

version 1.1
Welcome to pnlhub! We introduce all the core logic.
What's new:
  • API Keys management for BitMEX, Binance, ByBit, Huobi and KuCoin
  • Telegram bot for getting balance statistics
  • page Balance tracking for each API Key

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